Wednesday, June 10


I'm writing moving cards for our upcoming move. Well not writing the cards, just the envelopes. I hardly write anything by hand anymore, except for a postcard every now and then oh and grocery lists of course. Anyway I ordered lovely moving cards on Etsy here. Do take a look in Laura Beth's shop, there's some lovely stuff there. I also stole the picture you see here from her shop (which I will confess to later) because I'm not Julie Wilson, but I wouldn't mind moving to a place called Pleasantville! And maybe Jack is a nice man too. I bet Annie, Sarah and Ben are adorable too. :)


  1. pleasantville does sound lovely...great cards too!

  2. :D I'd like to think that there are many great and cheap fabricshops in Pleasantville. All situated on a nice square with a fountain. And there's also a Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream shop and a nice Italian restaurant. I could go on and on!


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