Tuesday, June 9

Yartsale in my Etsyshop

Yay! Art+Yard+sale=Yartsale! I'm participating in the Yartsale on Etsy, visit my Follow the White Bunny shop NOW! 10% off everything, including the packagedeals! As all my patterns are dear to me I couldn't choose which patterns I would put on sale so they are all discounted! I've already marked down the prices in the shop.


  1. yea! get paid tomorrow so will be stopping off at the shop to get me some lovelies!!

  2. I'm also participating in the yart sale.
    In my shop you get 2 half meters of really cute ribbon with every item and some things have free shipping.
    Let's see if the sale actuaaly brings us some sales?!

  3. There are so many sellers participating that it's hard to stand out in the creative crowd. I've done a minimum of pr myself (blog, flickr (not allowed I know) and twitter)Sales have not gone up dramatically so far but I'm happy with each and every sale! Your trims look lovely by the way :)


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