Monday, June 29

Narwhals are the new owls!

At least that's what I think...I've seen quite a few of them pop up in the crafty scene lately. As I'm always looking for new and exciting animals to add to my Animal Alphabet I thought the Narwhal would be a perfect candidate for the letter 'N'.
This is a try out for the new Sea themed pattern and I'm quite pleased with the embroidered version of this animal. Just need to adjust it a bit here and there and he and his sea creature friends will be in the shop before you know it!


  1. I can't wait! My mom loves narwhales and will be so excited to see this!

  2. He is lovely! Can't wait to see him finished :) Hope your move has gone very well and that you're enjoying your new home.

  3. oh the narwhale is wonderful and i look foward to seeing what other sea creatures are in the pattern

  4. OMG!! now the B-52s song "rock lobster" will be stuck in my head all night!

    Narwhales rule!

  5. :D and now I have 'Loveshack' stuck in my head...


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