Saturday, June 6

Sunday stash # 6 Pantry

This is one of my first fabric buys. I don't remember what I paid for it or what I was planning to do with it. Maybe I intended to make an apron with it. Anyway I still love it. It's from Alexander Henry and it's called Pantry. Because I'm a historian (well trained to be one anyway) I'm going to give you a little background about Pantries (if that is the correct plural for pantry). The Wikipedia says this: "In a late medieval hall, there were separate rooms for the various service functions and food storage. A pantry was where bread (as in the french word 'pain') was kept and food preparation associated with it done" No sign of bread in Alexander Henry's pantry though...


  1. I would make some lovely napkins or potholders. It's very sweet. I kinda have a thing for pantries. I'll have to post a photo of mine. It has a a wonderful window.

  2. This fabric is seriously cute - I love it. :) K

  3. Lovely fabric, obviously very good fabric taste right from the start! I also think it would be good as potholders, I really like the red and blue colour combination.

  4. Seeing how our potholders look after a while I don't think I want to use my precious pantry fabric to make those! Until I find the right project it'll stay safely in my stash. :)

  5. that fabric makes me swoon.
    i adore pantry's and would love to have one in my next home
    dont know why they ever stopped putting them in houses


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