Sunday, June 7

Giveaways I came across while surfing crafty blogs...

Tell us bunny, tell us! Which giveaways came to your attention?
Well I found one on Ravenhill's blog with lovely fabric-y goodies and the brand new issue of the British magazine Sew Hip! If I should win I will pass the magazine on to one of you because I have a subscription. :)
The other one is on quarterofaninche's blog it's the latest issue of Mixtapezine, a crafty magazine.


  1. i wish i could find a local seller of sewhip. i found it once at my local book store, but never again
    i lurve that mag

  2. I love it too, that's why I decided to subscribe. And it's not too expensive too I think, because in each issue there are lots of patterns!


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