Saturday, June 13

Sunday stash # 7 Momo Wonderland

These are Momo's Wonderland fabrics I ordered a little while ago. The one on top is called Metamorphosis in the colour pistachio and the patchwork-y fabric is called Mad Hatter in the colourway Sugar. I would buy them just for the gorgeous names!
I bought the fabrics online (because of the Great Norwegian Lovely Fabric Shortage) and had not seen them beforehand so when they arrived last week I was surprised how beige they seemed. Less fresh looking than I thought they would be anyway. And when I washed them there was some fabric'bleeding' on the Mad Hatter fabric too. Any of you have the same 'problems' with this line of fabric?


  1. Oh, that's a shame about the colour bleeding. The colours do look nice on screen.
    I almost always buy my fabric online, and have been lucky with it most of the time. The only one I was surprised about was the Ava Rose fabric - I was expecting the red to be much 'redder' than it was. The Ava Rose quilt is almost, almost finished, just have the binding to do - yay!

  2. I have some of this too...super sweet!

  3. Your stash looks fabulous, but what a shame about the bleeding! Were they hand printed? Maybe they hadn't been set yet? Thanks for sharing :) K

  4. I don't think they are handprinted as they probably are produced in big bolts by Moda. I think (hope) the stains will disappear after washing the fabric again!

  5. I have the pinks, not the reds, and they were ok when I prewashed. I thought they were kind of creamy, but the colourway you've got could be darker.

    I had this happen with some Amy Butler fabrics (Belle, I think?) -- I thought they were going to be a yellowy green and instead they were a really muddy browny green. I was planning on making a shirt with them, but with red hair that colour would have been a disaster, so I make a picnic quilt instead. Now I'm never anxious that my picnic quilt's colours will be washed out by the sun and many washings. Instead I rather hope it does fade.

    In any case, it is a disappointment when you are excited about something and then it doesn't turn out as planned.

  6. So sad about the fabric bleeding. I've only had that happen to me twice, once from a fabric from Joanns and once from a fabric from Hobby Lobby. I don't think they were 'designer' fabrics though.

    Since that experience, I am also very careful when I prewash/wash my fabrics as I would hate to have a fabric bleed everything on other fabrics and/or damage my washing machine.

    With me, when I wash fabric, no matter how much yardage it is, I always 'prewash' a bit of it in warm running water under the sink to make sure there is no bleeding issues before I toss each piece into the washing machine.

    I have no idea if there is any "household" way to prevent bleeding. Once fabric bleeds, is it always going to bleed???? Are you still going to use it or return it?

    And @Jilly, the same thing happened with me with that same line of crysthanemum fabric from Amy Butler, it looked one way online and definitely not as pretty in person. thankfully is super cool with returns (free!) and it was no problem returning it.

  7. I think this is the first time this has happened to me in over one and half year of fabric washing. I throw everything in the washing machine and in the dryer with all the normal washing that needs to be done. Because that's what I would do with the quilts and clothing I make with those fabric too. That and I'm a bit lazy too! :D

  8. I would never imagine such a poor quality in such beautiful fabrics. What a shame! I got some American Jane online and they look yelow-ish too. Oh well, live and learn.

  9. is the madhatter part of the momo line?? i was a wee bit disappointed with the colors in person of that shade too, but the others in the line are so pretty!


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