Thursday, June 11

To fill in or not to fill in...

As I only embroidered my own patterns in the last couple of weeks I was looking forward to try something else. So I got out a blank pillowcase and went through my box of embroidery patterns. I chose this sweet Sublime Stitching pattern from their Craftpad. The 'scandinavian' colours go with a pillow and lampshade in my bedroom. Stuff you already own and fabrics and such can be a great guide to choosing colours for your embroideries.

The question now is to fill in this bird design or not to fill in. I already did the little leafs. Maybe I will outline everything first and then decide. I'm also going to finish a Wild Olive pattern I started a little while ago. Making these embroideries makes me think I should maybe try and use some clearer lines on my own patterns too.

Oh and totally unrelated: I saw that my local Ikea sold Moose-lasagna! I'm NOT talking about cute lasagna in the shape of a moose but lasagna with moose in. I should already be used to all the reindeer, moose and whatnot consumption here after 3 years but Ikea managed to surprise me. I wonder what meat was in the swedish meatballs we ate...


  1. How about first trying a second row of stiching alongside the first? That's what I did on a fruit tea towel I stitched for a craft swap and I loved the added texture it gave (plus it's WAY easier than fill-stitching, which I tend to avoid doing LOL).

    Here's a good up-close pic so you can see what a nice texture the double row of stem stitch gave:

    You can always go ahead and fill in if the added row of stitching doesn't do the trick =).

  2. Very nice blog ! I just became one of your customers earlier today and I love your patterns they are so beautiful ! ... so when you say: "Making these embroideries makes me think I should maybe try and use some clearer lines on my own patterns too." ... What exactly are you referring to ? ... I think your patterns are so lovely as they are !!!

  3. (ugh, "stitching", not "stiching")

    A belated thought -- seed stitch is a beautiful way to add color and texture without having to actually fill the whole design in. I've seen people do some fantastic shading with it, and it works especially well on birds and other feathery or furry critters.

    (LOL, can you tell I really make an effort to do anything that doesn't require totally filling in a design!)

  4. Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I love discussing embroidery! Glenda, I like the idea of the seed stitch, The double row would sort of unbalance the design of this pattern I think.
    My1stbambina, hope you will enjoy the pattern you bought! Looking forward to your embroidery. What I meant by using 'clearer' lines is actually making designs more simple. It's sometimes hard to express exactly what I mean because english is not my first language! :)

  5. I'm of the not fill in variety. I always find it makes the embroidery too heavy. But I am thinking the seed stitching could work very well.

  6. I would wait until you have stitched some more before deciding what to do. Of course you will have to either do your birds in two different colours, or two shades of blue (that would be nice) so that it doesn't end up as one big blob. ;-) You know me though - I would probably fill them in!

  7. I agree with a previous commenter, I would wait until you've outlined more the design. Since it's a pillowcase, I tend to think it would be nice just to outline it... Have fun!

  8. once you start filling in, you gotta commit and go all the way with it ;) I would outline the rest of the piece and then decide what to do.


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