Wednesday, July 15

Alice and Martha in the Mail + giveaway coming up!

Today two lovely packets arrived in the mail!

On the left a lot of old embroidery transfers I bought on Ebay: a few Vogart patterns, including the gay fruits that I really wanted to add to my little collection and quite some Aunt Martha patterns including a cute bunny one that I could not resist for obvious reasons. :D

On the right a somewhat tired version of Alice in Wonderland with lovely illustrations by Margaret W. Tarrant. Luckily the inside of the book looks better than it's cover. I have been bidding on Ebay on books illustrated by Margaret Tarrant for quite a while now but I usually stopped bidding at about a third of the price of the final bid. Sadly there are people who buy these books to take them apart and sell the illustrations separately on Ebay.

Anyway, I will host a small giveaway on this blog soon! It will contain some of the vintage embroidery patterns as there were a few 'doubles' in the lot I bought and I'll add some embroideryfloss as well.


  1. so sad to hear people are "tearing" apart vintage books to sell the illustrations separately. sigh, the book/story/text must accompany the pictures. but i'm glad that you won an auction because it sounds like you will very much appreciate the book!

    congrats on the patterns. i have the bunny one on top, sadly i bought it when i was new to embroidering and opened up the package, cut apart all the bunnies, and put them back inside! i'm much better now with trying to preserve the patterns i have, especially since i use a fabric pen to transfer my patterns, that i just make a copy from our printer and use that.

    do you plan to list what vintage patterns you have to see if anyone would want to swap with you???

  2. Most of the vintage patterns I have bought were cut. But I don't mind that as they were meant to be used, weren't they? I will not cut non-cut vintage patterns though but I do cut my new patterns.
    I should make an inventory of the vintage patterns I have. I've given away the 'doubles' in swaps etc until now. And I will put some of these in the upcoming giveaway as well. There's a cute 'double' bird one in the stack too but one is complete and the other is so obviously I will keep the complete one for myself! :D

  3. I just love Alice In Wonderland - my favourite book!

  4. And there's a Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland movie coming too (next year I think) can't wait!

  5. I am glad you don't believe in tearing up books! You found some really wonderful transfers. I wish I found garage sales like that!


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