Friday, July 17

Wearable embroidery

What is better than being able to combine the thing you love to do (embroidery) with something practical (wear the embroidery)? Next time I would rather embroider on a skirt or something I think, the t-shirt fabric was quite difficult to stitch on. That's why I look so worn out and tired on the photo probably. ;)

The birdie design is from the awesome pattern sheet Carson Ellis designed for Sublime Stitching. I'll blog some more about her artwork soon!


  1. I think you look great!
    Good idea to use embroidery on your clothes!
    I'll have to try that someday when I have the time :-)

  2. Fabulous t-shirt. Everyone will be asking where you got it!

  3. super cute - i used stabilizer on some onesies i did, it was helpful but not great. i was a pain to trace the pattern on them after putting on the stabilizer - so not great for tracing!

  4. What a great job you've done. It's lovely to see you too lovely Nicole. Hope all the unpacking is going well.


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