Sunday, July 19

Sunday stash # 11 Mendocino

I'm a big fan of Heather Ross' fabric designs. It's a pity that the prices for some of her OOP fabrics on Ebay and Etsy are ridiculously high these days. Luckily her Mendocino fabrics are still affordable and just as lovely I think. These fabrics are amazingly soft and very suitable for making little girls dresses and such. I have been tempted to buy some of Heater Ross' Far far away fabrics as well, especially the green Unicorn, but I've been able to resist so far!

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  1. I've been seeing this fabric on a few blogs lately and really like it. Would you believe I do not own one scrap of Heather Ross? Unbelievable but true!

    What is to become of these?

  2. I love this fabric, too. I just wish I had little girls to make things for out of it. Instead I'm making myself a fishy quilt.

    I have also been drooling over the green and the blue unicorns. They always remind me of the Bayeux Tapestry. But I just can't swallow $17 USD a yard.

  3. I was planning to use these in a quilt for my oldest daughter but now I'm not sure if the colours are right for her room. I think 17 usd per yard is very expensive too even though the Far far away unicorn is lovely!

  4. I went crazy buying this line...but I love it!

  5. Hi there, gorgeous fabric! I am so jealous, I want some Mendocino too! I see you are in Holland. My husband is dutch and from Leiden.

  6. I went to university in Leiden :D It's a very charming town!


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