Tuesday, July 21

Every day is like sunday

This afternoon I came across some awesome Jip and Janneke shirts and I just had to buy one for Luna (and the checked skirt too, it was on sale). Jip and Janneke have been very famous and much loved Dutch childrens book characters since the fifties. The books, meant for 4 to 6 year olds, are written by Annie M.G. Schmidt. Some of her books are translated in English as well and they are really worth checking out. I especially like Minoes (Minnie in the English version) about a young lady who used to be a cat. I love the silhouette- like illustrations of the Jip and Janneke books by Fiep Westendorp too. The Morrissey fans out there probably know why I chose the shirt with this particular text on. :D


  1. that is such a cute illustration. I am off on a search for the books!!!

    (and I have the song in my head now too!)

  2. Lovely shirt! I did not know about these children's books, but i think it's a very special style of illustrations. I have to check it out.

  3. Every day is silent and grey. . . adorable shirt- I will have to check out those books!


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