Wednesday, July 22

Winner! (and a runner up too)

Thank you all for your comments to my giveaway post! I loved reading your stories about your favourite patterns.

This afternoon Zoe and I did an official draw from a nice Scandinavian vase and she pulled out Isa's name! Congratulations! I felt like giving away a small runner up price too and a little bit later I let Luna draw a name from the vase too. Emmylizzy will receive my new Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Pattern. Congrats to you too. :)

Isa, could you please email me your address details on and Emmylizzy could you please send me your email address?


  1. congrats to both winners, and even though i didn't enter, it was great reading what people love to stitch up!

  2. Thank you again for the fun give away! That was so generous of you!


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