Sunday, July 26

White rabbit is finished!

Just finished my White Rabbit embroidery and I'm very happy with how it turned out! I think will turn it in to a little wall hanging or something. The pale yellow wood grain will look better with a darker border of green or blue than just on it's own I think.

If you also like Alice in Wonderland stuff you MUST check out The Mymbles Daughter, a fabulous jewelry shop on Etsy. I bought the sweetest necklace there with a separate bird and cage pendant. It was so hard to choose from the many lovely designs!


  1. ack, i just favorited her shop to look around later, what lovely items!

    and your stitchy project turned out great. are your 2 daughters fighting over who gets it hung in their room?

  2. He turned out wonderfully! So many patterns I want to do, so little time! :) You have real skill!

  3. Oooh, so many lovelies in that shop, thanks for the link!
    I really like this one -

    and this one -

    and the ribbon necklaces would be perfect to put a pendant on for little girls.

  4. Love your white rabbit -- great texture on that fill stitching. Boy, that fabric works so well with the design!

  5. Thanks all for your sweet comments!
    Bethie, I may keep this one for myself. :D
    Georgia I have the same bird/cage picture but not as a locket but as a large pendant with the cage image and a small (as in your link) birdie pendant. I think I want a White Rabbit locket next!

  6. This is just beautiful - I love him!


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