Monday, July 27

I blame Ikea...

Once this curtain was a two and half meter backdrop for some Ikea furniture, probably called Henrik or Palegg or something, in our local Ikea store in Norway. It ended up in the bargain bin and I took it home for very little money with the idea to make some cheap curtains for our former kitchen. Of course that never happened so the cheap backdrop moved with us to Rotterdam. And as I can't decide what I want for my current HUGE kitchen windows, it's an old house the kitchen is 3 meters high, I thought I'd make the Ikea curtain a little shorter and use it for one of the HUGE windows. What should have been a quick process lasted much too long and was accompanied by a lot of growling and angry looks from yours truly at the Ikea cheap curtain. Which didn't help. Anyway after I had finished I noticed something was not quite right (see photo) I blame Ikea of course...

I wanted to put this curtain up today because tomorrow I'm expecting a very special visitor. You may remember my Sunday stash post about lovely fabrics from down under, among them fabrics from Saffron Craig. Saffron is visiting Holland at the moment and after a few emails we decided to get together tomorrow morning. Needless to say I'm very much looking forward to that! :) Do check out her online shop!


  1. Yikes! I hate making curtains of any kind. I find them just too bulky and boring to deal with, I can sympathize completely.
    Lucky you getting a bloggy visitor, what fun you'll have. And I love the idea of your turning some images into cards, they'll be lovely :)

  2. Well, firstly I can't see anything wrong with the curtain? ANd secondly WOW on meeting Saffron! I had a few of her goodies in my Sunday stash a few weeks back. Can't wait to hear how your meet up went!

  3. I shall let you in on my little failure here Mel. The sides of the curtain are shorter than the middle bit :/ The fabric was really yukkie to work with too and I'm with Joanie I hate making curtains especially if they are larger than I am, not doing it again!


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