Tuesday, July 28


This morning Saffron Craig and her husband Patrick visited us. As they are staying in Holland at the moment and were planning a visit to Rotterdam we got together for a cup of coffee (tea for Saffron) and a slightly overcooked Dutch Apple pie in my still quite empty kitchen. Saffron is very sweet and lovely and I loved getting together and talking about all kinds of stuff. I showed her and Patrick the house, including the really messy parts *blushes*. Of course I forgot to take pictures during our chat and apple pie eating session so we made this very spontaneous one after all that ; )

Saffron brought along some lovely samples of her fabric which I got to keep. :D Aren't they lovely? If you are not expecting a visit from Saffron soon you can also buy these gorgeous fabrics in her online shop.

Saffron, I'm wishing you and your family a lovely further stay in the Netherlands and the other European countries you'll be visiting and a safe trip home!


  1. Wow how fun to meet a fellow online acquaintance! I'm a bit silly weird online but I think in person I'd be quite shy and awkard ;)

    Lucky her for being able to east some yummy dutch apple pie.

    Saffron's fabrics are lovely, I especially love her beautiful yellow dandylion print that's on her website.

  2. How exciting!! to meet a cyber friend for real!! and the tea, and the fabrics, the apple pie....You're such a lucky girl.

  3. Thanks ladies, it is really awesome to meet someone so talented and creative for real! I did feel shy and awkward Bethie...

  4. Waaaah! I'm so jealous!!! It looks like such fun! Thanks for posting photos. Lovely fabrics too!
    (I love your big kitchen drawers...trying to come up with ideas for when we build...) :-D

  5. Oh I had a blast.I could have stayed all day. You are a treat Nicole.

  6. Sounds like a great day!
    Love that fabric, I'm definitely
    going to get some of that.
    And apple pie... uhm :-)

  7. So great I love blogs. I am saffon's friend from Sydney looking after her beautiful home. It is great to get online and see what she is up to and to meet all her new friends. Nicole I have enjoyed your blog and your gorgeous work. Take care.xxx


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