Thursday, July 30

Summer dress WIP

I really wanted to start sewing again and preferably on a quick and easy project so yesterday I started on a summer dress for Luna from one of my Sew Hip! magazines I mentioned earlier this week. The pattern is by Oliver + S.

The pink fabric is a cute but rather hysterical Michael Miller print featuring Parisian cats. I bought over 3 yards (maybe even more) of this fabric on Ebay when I just started sewing because it was so crazy cheap. Same goes for the green gingham (which actually is meant to line curtains I think). I've made some really wonky trousers for Luna with the same fabric combo last year and she loved them so much I decided to use the same fabrics again.

The dress is super-easy to make and I'm now in the process of putting the bias tape on, which is the most tricky bit of the whole project. Somehow all my previous attempts at putting bias tape on stuff were not too succesful, especially the store-bought bias tape. I made this bias tape myself though, cutting diagonal strips from a large piece of fabric. It seams like a bit of a waste of fabric, but it feels so much better than the ready made bias tape!


  1. have you seen this video tute for bias tape? if for some reason the link below doesn't work, i have it bookmarked on my blog.

    that dress is going to be so cute when it's done!

  2. This looks so great! I haven't been brave enough to try clothes, although I do plan to make some of the Oliver + S Lazy Days skirts when summer rolls around again.
    Which issue of the magazine is this pattern in?

  3. I am useless at putting on bias tape - how do you get it so it matches both sides? It's not nice and easy like when you bind a quilt.
    I think I might have to check out that you tube tute bookwormbethie has linked to.

    So the fabulous Miss Saffron came for tea? You lucky lady, she seems so bloody lovely, doesn't she? And the her fabrics are amazing, really soft and gorgeous.

  4. Bethie, I knew about that one! Still it's something you have to do several times to get the hang of it...
    Georgia everything you sew is beautiful so I'm sure you are a star at sewing clothes too! :)
    Katy,I just followed the instructions for this pattern and everything turned out great with the bias tape. If you don't have this issue I can scan it and send it you if you'd like.
    Meeting Saffron was awesome and her fabrics are truly fabulous!

  5. Oh Georgia, it was from issue 6 (I think it is from two or three months ago)


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