Friday, July 31

Finished dress and Alice pattern news

I finished Luna's dress yesterday evening. I managed to sew the bias tape properly on and the dress was all done in no time. Sadly Luna refused to wear it this morning :/ So... we quickly move over to happy embroidery news!

After I had put my Alice in Wonderland Rabbit in the shop and my own version of the pattern on Flickr, several people asked me if I was going to make more Alice in Wonderland patterns. Well, I'm working on my second one now! It'll be a pattern of Alice and the Caterpillar. I would give you a sneak peek but it's too dark to take a proper photo now so that will have to wait. Speaking of Alice and sneak peeks...have you all seen the awesome trailer of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland? I'm so looking forward to this movie. I love all Tim Burton films. This one features Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and Stephen Fry will voice the Cheshire Cat. Can't wait! See the trailer here.
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  1. The dress looks so cute, I hope she'll come around and wear it :-)
    And I really look forward to se the new Alice pattern!

  2. We saw the Alice trailer when we saw G-Force at the movies yesterday. It looks like another fabulous Burton-Depp collaboration! Possibly too dark for younger kids -- my SIL and I are both interested in seeing it, but our kids (ages 11, 7, and 4) were like "meh" LOL.

  3. Oh doesn't it just rot your socks when they don't want to wear one of the creations! I often find myself 'strongly' suggesting Sienna wear the items of clothing I have made, reminding her that she was indeed the one who chose the fabric in the first place! Perhaps she senses my desperation because as soon as I back of she is usually into them!

    It is a gorgeous dress and I'm sure Luna will get much wear out of it eventually! BTW LOVE love love the name Luna!

  4. I'm so excited about it too - Johnny Depp is the most amazing man ever, and Stephen Fry is brilliant.

    LOVE the dress so much, Luna is clearly a lunatic for not wanting to wear it all the time ;)

  5. Thanks all! I think the busy pattern is what is putting Luna off, apparently that was not a problem when she trousers made from the same fabric but lately she has been refusing to wear other brightly busy patterned items too :/ Off to the market now to buy some fabric for Zoe's dress!

  6. Oh what a shame she doesn't want to wear it! I think it's sweet!
    I had no idea the trailer was out, I can't wait to see the movie! Tim Burton is an insane genius!

  7. That dress you made for luna is darling. I love how you used a subtle limey green gingham check for the trim, it compliments the brighter pink check in the main fabric quite well!

    Thanks for the trailor linkie. Alice falling down the rabbit hole.... which reminds me, have you gotten your steven milhauser book yet? I loved 'the barnum museum,' it's my favorite out of all his short story collections. I hope you like it as much as I do!

  8. Yep I have received the book and I am now reading the first story about the Clue game...I'm very intrigued by the book so far, thanks so much for the tip Bethie!

  9. oh that 'clue' story is very good, i also wanted to mention, as i don't know how familiar you are with english poetry, but the short story in there called i believe 'klassic komix #1' is based on the poem, the love song of j alfred prufrock, by ts elliot


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