Monday, August 31

Don't read any further if you are on a Fabric Diet!

I have way too much fabric for the amount of sewing I do and I told myself not to buy any more until I finished a few projects with the fabric I already have. But yesterday evening I came across these wonderful fabrics by Cloud9 and I literally got water in my mouth just looking at the pictures. This line of fabric is called My Happy Garden and consists of 8 beautiful coordinating fabrics. It will be available this fall in various shops and the best thing is that all the fabrics are manufactured in and eco-responsible way! Which makes it perfectly o.k. to forget your Fabric diet and buy some of these lovelies! :D
p.s. thank you for all the entries to the "Name that Pattern' contest (see post below) I will leave the comments open for a bit longer but I've seen some nice ones already!


  1. Oh my gosh, that fabric is gorgeous! I'm off to follow that link.

  2. Oh, I think the polka dots or the stripes would be perfect for a wrap or shirt dress I have in mind to make for myself. Thanks for the link!


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