Sunday, August 30

Name that Pattern!

I'm now embroidering the whole design of the Under the Sea pattern I made earlier this year (instead of individual creatures). Someone pointed out to me last week that the name of this pattern was already in use for another (totally different but also lovely) pattern from Sublime Stitching. I already knew that (because I own the said pattern) but couldn't think of a better name. If you do know a better name leave your name suggestion in the comments. I will pick the one I like best later this week and that person will receive the Under the Sea pattern (my version that is)!


  1. Sea Animals


    Swimming Sea Creatures

    Good luck with finding a new name!

  2. Amazing Wonders of the Sea

    Vanessa in Upstate NY

  3. Creatures of the Deep Blue Sea

    Sea Life

    Life under the Ocean

    Oceanic Life

    Creatures of the Ocean

    Deep Blue Wonders

  4. Hello Down There!

    Maybe not the best title, but I've been watching old movies, and for a silly comedy, this one had some beautiful underwater scenes.

  5. How about Beneath the Sea? Or Life Beneath the Sea? Good luck!

  6. Deep Sea Swimmers

    Come Swim With Us!

    Underwater Friends

  7. Oceanography or Salt Water symphony maybe? Just a thought :)

  8. What about "octopus' (octopuses??) garden" ??

  9. From my husband: "Water World", and from me: "Ocean Medley".
    If Farley should "win", I will tell him he has to do some stitching :)

  10. Comments closed! Well you can still comment but I've chosen my favourite pattern name!


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