Monday, August 24

Inside my sketchbook

I thought it would be nice to give you another peek inside my sketchbook. A wintery scene this time!

 Totally unrelated but worth a mention is this give away on Muriels blog celebrating 100 blog posts. Among the goodies is a very cute handmade bag and (almost equally important) some delicious Dutch Stroopwaffles! My 100 th blog post is also getting near but as I just had a giveaway I think I will wait for another opportunity to host  a giveaway. I'll be sure to include some Stroopwaffles though!


  1. It looks like your sketch book is filled with treasures :-)

  2. I love the peek into your sketchbook!
    Thanks for mentioning my give-away!

  3. I am loving this picture. You are so talented, Nicole! ♥

  4. I love this sketch :) (and am envious of your drawing skills). Heading over to check out the giveaway!!


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