Sunday, August 23

Sunday stash # 14 Go Green!

These fabrics are from the 'Green' section of my stash (which is roughly organised by colour). From left to right(with their non official names): checked fabric bought on the local weekly market in Rotterdam, Joel Dewberry Wood grain fabric, Heather Ross fabric with horses (forgot the name), Paisley and Apple fabric is by Sandi Henderson, Unknown fabric received in a swap, 30's star repro print, 2 fabrics by Denyse Schmidt (Katie Jump Rope), another 30's repro print, Unknown received in swap (but I think it was a Moda fabric), and yet another 2 30's repro prints.

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  1. lovely, i sorta have my fabrics organized by categories like polka dots, woodland critters, food themed, etc...

    and then i have a separate drawer in my plastic drawer rollie cart specifically for my muslin and garment fabrics

    it's fun seeing how people organize their stash


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