Wednesday, August 5

Looking for an embroidery guinea pig!

Well not one like this little guy in the photo, he is ours, his name is Pippin and he doesn't embroider. And it's not about a pattern of a guinea pig either, which is what a lot of people thought when I posted this in the Follow the White Bunny Flickr group. I'm looking for someone who wants to test-drive a new Alice in Wonderland pattern later this month. Please comment in the Flickr group if you are interested. You may wonder why I don't try it out myself. First of all I've got many things going on and if I felt like I have to embroider, it would almost feel like work and the whole embroidery-experience would not be so relaxing anymore. The other thing is that often I've been drawing and re-drawing a pattern many times so I appreciate someone else taking a look at it and trying it out. Oh and please don't be sad if I don't pick you now, I've got heaps of ideas for upcoming patterns so new guinea pigs are needed in the future!


  1. I can't commit to embroidering anything right now cause it's "back to school time" and everything is crazy busy but I sure would love to test drive one of your patterns later and can't wait to see this one.

  2. Sure, sign me up. I'd love to.
    Many thanks.


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