Tuesday, August 4

More woodgrain embroideries....

I enjoyed embroidering my White Rabbit on the luscious Joel Dewberry Yellow Woodgrain fabric so much that I could not resist using some of the equally lovely green Woodgrain fabric for these two larger images. I'm planning to make matching pillows for the couch with them. On the left is the image of a bird that I transferred from a vintage pattern (the same one that was in my last giveaway it still transfers quite well) The other one is a deer from Sublime Stitching.

Sorry about the awful picture by the way. Somehow a non embroidered transfer on woodgrain fabric + my floor don't work well together in pictures.

From saturday on my Etsy shop will be closed for a bit so if you were planning to buy or you think you might possibly be in urgent need of an embroidery pattern in the next 10 days head over to the shop now!


  1. haha hello fellow polka dots and bunny lover!

  2. oh i am loving how these are going to look on the woodgrain, i might need to find some of that fabric on etsy ;)


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