Sunday, August 2

Sunday stash # 13 Rick Rack

Here are some of my vintage rick rack trims. I bought most of them on Ebay and I actually prefer these vintage trims to modern ones. They come in the most amazing colours like Chartreuse (my favourite colour), or Copenhagen Blue. And usually they are 100 % cotton too!


  1. and they come in awesome packaging - which adds to their beauty!

  2. Love the Ric-Rac I have some which was given to me by a lady in my craft group it was her mothers I will post a pic....& I agree with you its much nicer than the new stuff....waiting excitedly for the caterpillar eldest daughter loves Alice she did it for art in yr 12 but it was called Malice in Wonderland all about the dark side which she says is in there!!.....

  3. just beautifull, I would put them in a bowl on the table, to look at them all the time!


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