Wednesday, August 19

Nice clicks

I thought I'd share some nice inspirational websites with you that I like to visit sometimes and that you may not know yet. I'm not very quick to pick up on trends and things so this all may be old news to you. Anyway here goes...

Print and Pattern is a fresh looking blog about well ehm...prints and patterns. On all kinds of stuff (stationary, fabric you name it). Today I spotted these on Print and Pattern, if you like doing your dishes in a fair, ethical, organic yet stylish way! :)

Design Sponge is kind of hard to describe, there are posts about thrift finds, new products and some neat city design guides.

Blue berry Park is not a blog but a lovely online shop with mouth watering stuff! I especially love the poster/prints, like this Map of Paris.

Happy clicking!


  1. oooh, I haven't heard of design sponge. I'm off to click....

  2. I love the Mouse in the House print at Blueberry park. :-)

  3. Great finds! Thanks for the links :) I haven't been to Design Sponge and it is delightful and gives me tons of ideas!

  4. Thanks for the words of encouragement Nicole, are you still living amongst boxes? I know I will be for weeks!
    Your French break sounds perfect to me.
    I look forward to catching up after my forced exile from blogland :)

  5. Thanks, Nicole- I am sure we will all enjoy those links!

  6. Thanks so much Nicole for including me in such amazing company. Karen x

  7. Glad that you liked the sites I wrote about!
    @Joanie yep still lots of boxes packed here but a huge stack of -flattened- empty boxes as well! :)
    @Karen You're welcome!


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