Tuesday, August 18

Girl in Tree

I wanted to wait until I had finished the test embroidery but the light was so perfect to make a picture that I couldn't resist posting a little sneak peek of one of my new patterns! It probably would have been finished if I had not tried out 3 different stitches for the tree. I was not completely happy with the stem stitch, the back stitch looked horrible and now I'm fairly happy with the split stitch!


  1. Oh how cute! Looking forward to seeing more!
    I have finally started my White Rabbit embroidery. I haven't done much at all, but I'll take a photo sometime today if I get a chance - busy, busy...

  2. Oh this looks very very cute indeed! Which reminds me I am yet to get started on an embroidery project ... must visit your shop ... too many projects too little time!


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