Sunday, August 16

AlpinewinterySwissHeidilogcabincozy or what I did last week (2)

So during my stay in France I embroidered a bit. The Princess got a couple of new mattresses (yay!), I finished my Sublime Stitching Stag and I'm almost finished with my Bird from the vintage aunt Martha pattern. It would have been finished if I had not started to embroider it's head and wings blue, which I then un-picked and re-stitched in brown. Much better I think! The Stag and Bird will be my fall/winter set of pillows for the couch. I think they will look so AlpinewinterySwissHeidilogcabincozy in combination with the green checked fabric in the back!


  1. I can picture the two Heidilogcabin pillows on your couch! The mattresses are adorable!

  2. yes the pillow arse beautiful, definitely kitschy with the whole alpine/logcabin thing going on ;)

  3. The stag is gorgeous! Love it!


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