Saturday, August 15

What I did last week....

I spend a lovely week in the Bourgogne (Burgundy) area in France. Did lots of embroidery (which I will share with you in the next couple of days), made quite a few sketches for various projects and managed to read most of Steven Millhauser's Barnum Museum. We also did lots of cardgames, the kids had fun in the little pool we brought along and me+ husband enjoyed some late night bat-watching and an awesome starry night, which we don't get to see often living in or near large cities.

We didn't visit many exciting places (because of warm+kids+lazy) and a visit to one of the large French supermarkets is exciting enough for me, I love the endless choice of desserts. :D
Anyway, we did visit the medieval village of Flavigny sur Ozerai. The brochure said that most of the movie Chocolat was filmed here and I really enjoyed that movie a couple of years ago with the pretty french village scenes and of course Johnny Depp. Well I was a little disappointed when we actually got there, it was a sleepy little village and it looked nothing like the film. I would have thought there would at least be a shop with some awesome magical chocolates but no... there was a little shop that sold lovely Anise candy which I can heartily recommend! The photo shows some stone steps in Flavigny which I found quite charming (and thought I might use for a drawing some day...)


  1. I remember the first time I went to a big french hypermarket - I was blown away. I think I was around 9 years old. Funny how grocery shopping is always so much better in a foreign country!

    Those steps look beautiful, I'd love to have steps like that up to a rickety old cottage, with sloping ceilings and bits that are too low to walk through without banging your head (maybe I could get my big kitchen with the sofa and the dutch quilt in it too?!)

    Sounds like you had a lovely time - but it is nice to have you back!

  2. Welcome home! Warm + Kids + Lazy sounds like the perfect holiday to me! Looking forward to seeing your embroidery.

  3. yes those stairs are lovely, they look nice and worn, and i like how they curve, it totally makes me want to know what is inside!


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