Monday, September 21

Amy = Awesome!

Yes! Something very special in the post for me today: Amy Karol's brand new book: Bend the rules with Fabric. I have been a moderator for the  Bend the Rules sewing Flickr group, dedicated to projects from Amy's first book Bend the Rules Sewing, for quite a while now. And this was a fabulous gift because of my involvement in the group.

I'm a huge, huge fan of the BTRS book. It helped me gain confidence in sewing. Because of that book I took my 'first steps' into sewing quilts (the easy lap quilt). And I made several aprons from it, some wonky turtles and even a puppet theater!  I also love Amy's Angry Chicken blog, so funny and real.

Bend the Rules Fabric is all about personalising your fabric by printing it, embroidering it, watercolouring it, transferring on it. It looks just as pretty and not-intimidating as BTRS , with many lovely photos. I have only had a chance to flick through it, but several projects already caught my eye like the bedsheets with Scherenschnitte design, and some awesome looking t-shirts. I just hope I can get my hands on some of the materials mentioned in the book  I mean: Freezer paper, huh? Phote EZ starter kit? Surely the members of the Bend the Rules Fabric Flickr group can come up with some European equivalents.:)


  1. I was looking at this book at the book store last week. It sure looks like lots of fun. There were so many pretty crafts books that I coldn't make up my mind.

  2. I love Bend The Rules Sewing so I know this one will be just as good. I buy freezer paper at a craft store or swap with someone living in the US for it! When my brother went to the US for a holiday he bought me back a HUGE roll of it. I still haven't mastered stenciling with it though.

  3. just holler if you need freezer paper - my local quilt store has just starting stocking it so I can mail it over no problemo!

  4. Thanks Katy, I will let you know when (not if!) I need it! I would love to make my own prints on t-shirts.

  5. what a special gift, that is so freakin' cool that amy karol recognized the hard work you put in on flickr moderating her group, yay!!!!!


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