Tuesday, September 22

New quilt for Autumn

Last week I felt I needed to start quilting again soon. The quilt I made earlier this year has become a favourite item in the living room  so I know a new one will be used and loved too. I started cutting 6 inch squares without a plan and as I went along I started to pull out more brown and orange fabrics from my stash. Must have something to do with Autumn which seems to be fast approaching now. Both brown and orange are definitely not my favourite colours but with these lovely Denyse Schmidt, Heather Ross and Joel Dewberry designs they look fabulous. At least that's what I think.

I'm still not sure if I need to add another colour, blue maybe. I bought a tiny bit of Heather Ross' Far Far Away Blue Unicorn fabric which I think could look lovely with the other fabrics. Or maybe some pink?
Have you seen my cutting mat by the way? No, well neither have I! I'm pretty sure it moved with us but I haven't found it yet. So I took a piece of left over Marmoleum flooring and used that instead. :) I will need a new one of course and a new blade for my rotary cutter too. I haven't replaced it since I bought it. They are so expensive. I'd rather spend the money on fabrics!


  1. What pretty colours! I can't wait to watch this one come along. I think the unicorn fabric would be a wonderful accent piece.

  2. Love the orange dot fabric! Maybe a little pink, if you want it to be more girlie :-)
    And you should really change your blade, it feels wondeful to use a new one :-)

  3. Love the material! Love your shoes too.

  4. Lovely color story and I can feel fall in it. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished :)

  5. There is something about fall and quilts that go together. I think blue would be a great addition!


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