Tuesday, September 8

In the mail today

The Stitches of Creative Embroidery by Jacqueline Enthoven. This book was recommended to me by Ann Mary who made such a lovely version of the Princes and the Pea embroidery recently. I've put it on my little embroidery table to try out some new stitches soon. The book looks a bit outdated on the inside, it was published in the sixties and it looks like it too, but there are so many lovely stitches to learn from this book that I don't mind that too much. This new Embroidery book by Jenny Hart (on my wishlist) will make up for any lack of cool on my bookshelf!
For any of you left handed stitchers out there: my new embroidery book says to 'turn stitch diagrams upside down and follow the letters'.


  1. I have my own copy as well (although the cover is different) I've had it for more than 25 years (a quarter of a century !!!) It goes with me everywhere I carry my embroidery...

  2. Embroidery is one of those things that is on my list of crafts to attempt. It is so pretty! Thanks for the links :)

  3. Yes! This is my all-time favorite embroidery book. I have two copies (different editions) and have read them cover to cover. It's on my "must own" list of embroidery books for my students.

    Also, the preface of the book is pure gold. I would give anything to sit down with Jacqueline Enthoven and stitch and chat. Her philosophy on embroidery is beautiful. I've read that preface/introduction a dozen times.

    And talk about stitch heaven! I just look through that book and dream! :)

  4. Glad it has arrived! And interesting to read the comments of these other ladies- I also have both editions, and am glad that you got the most recent, as it has more in it. I have just been reading in it this evening again, and never get tired of her text, and the wonderful variety of stitches and ideas!


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