Wednesday, September 9

Rumours from the Crafty Forest....

You can now sign up for the Follow the White Bunny Mailing List if you want to hear the latest rumours about Follow the White Bunny Patterns! Send an e-mail (or a pigeon) to and me and Mr. Squirrel (who is the most talkative in our team) will inform you regularly (but not too often) about shop news, freebies and new patterns. The Big Bear will guard your email address and will not give it away (or worse sell it) to other creatures.


  1. Squirrel looks so animated, I can just imagine his little hands flying around. Bear looks fixated by whatever Squirrel is saying too, it must be juicy lol.

  2. Thanks! Of course it's juicy he's telling the details about my latest pattern designs!


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