Thursday, September 10

Something old, something new

In my new 'old' embroidery book I found the perfect stitch to make waves. It's called the scroll stitch and it wasn't too hard to master. I put the book (and the diagram) upside down because I'm left handed and it actually worked out just fine! Look here and here to learn more about the scroll stitch. 
On the photo you can see a little bit of the new pattern I'm working on. It involves a hedgehog, a teacup from my grandmother and a teaspoon. :)


  1. So funny, I am left-handed as well and I just saw that stitch as I was reviewing all the different stitches on your second link that you have there . Great minds think alike. Your piece is very nice!

  2. :D
    Which reminds me of the fact that the links I put in the post will probably have right handed examples. I would not advise to turn your computer screen up side down though...;)

  3. oh i can already tell i am going to need this pattern!

  4. Nicole this pattern is looking so sweet, I love it. I hope you had a fantastic weekend!


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