Wednesday, September 16

Progress is slow & opinions please!

I thought the hedgehog in the cup would make a cute embroidery pattern so about 2 weeks ago I started drawing, then last week I began stitching but progress has been sloooow. I made some odd stitch and colour choices so I have been unpicking more than I have been embroidering. Wait...that isn't possible...but it feels like that anyway. First Hedgie was floating in a pea-green sea (not a good idea) in a cream coloured split stitched cup. I unpicked the split stitch and used a back stitch but the cream colour still did not look good  because of the naturel cotton colour of the fabric. So I re-stitched (if that is a word) the cup in a lighter shade of blue which is a much better choice. The only thing that worked out fine instantly was the red/white border for which I used a whipped back stitch.

Now this Hedgie pattern tryout got me thinking and I am wondering if I should add something like a stitch or colour advice with my patterns. Or on this blog. What do you all think?


  1. I think the current colors look great and the whipped back stitch looks amazing! In my opinion, color and stitch suggestions are never a bad idea. I think it can help a lot of stitchers get started and inspire ideas on their projects. Keep up the great work!

  2. Well I think I will definitely need to find out how to do a whipped backstitch so instructions would be great! The border looks really cool and what else I can see does too.

  3. Like everyone else, I love that whipped backstitch! You can always offer stitch or color advice, it can be a great starting place for someone, but then they can still make their own choices :)

  4. I tend to prefer not to have color advice. If I'm stitching something and get stuck on what color could possibly work, I check out already-stitched designs on flickr . . . but I really try not to do that too often because I don't want to be swayed by what others have done. I just don't even want the seed planted in my head LOL, but that's just me!

    As for stitch options, there are so many stitches I haven't tried that I think it's neat when I see a design stitched using something other than the "usual suspect" stitches, so I do like knowing what stitches folks have used. Some stitches provide more texture, and that might be helpful for folks newer to embroidery to know.

  5. I tend to use my own colour choices--whether for the good or the bad--but I certainly don't mind having colours suggested. Love the red and white!

  6. I think the photo on the front page of the pattern is probably enough of a suggestion for colours. Colours also depend a lot on the colour of the fabric you are using.
    Stitch ideas are good though. You could always include links to web sites that have stitch diagrams rather than having to make them yourself.


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