Friday, October 9

Mr. Squirrel in happier times....

This is a drawing I made of Mr. Squirrel when we were happily adding names and email addresses to our mailing list earlier this week and were dreaming of delivering our simple yet elegant Newsletter and cute Bear pattern in all of the electronic mailboxes today. Alas, it was not to be. Gmail has decided that my mailing is 'spam' and has blocked all my outgoing mail. Hopefully temporarily. Mr. Bunny is looking into the problem now as he knows a bit about computers and stuff (and I clearly don't!)

Anyway, I'd like to share a bit of news with you  from the Newsletter. There is a fabulous new website called Magpie Patterns. Magpie Patterns offers a lovely selection of craft books and craft patterns for sewing, crochet, knitting and embroidery. I'm happy to say that most of my embroidery patterns are available through Magpie Patterns now. But of course you can still buy them at ye olde Follow the White Bunny Shoppe on Etsy!

Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S. Thanks for all your congratulations on our wedding anniversary!


  1. Love the details of the fur and bark in your drawing.

    Bah humbug about gmail blocking your outgoing mail :(. Hope that gets resolved soon.

  2. Nicole! That drawing is gorgeous!!! Absolutely stunning! I do love Mr Squirrel's peacock quill and his coat and tie - very sophisicated fellow by the look of him. :-)

  3. Bad Gmail! I hope it behaves soon, I would love to see your newsletter. Mr.Squirrel is quite charming.

    Thank you for the link to Magpie, I am off to explore.

  4. Yes Mr. Squirrel is a real gentleman! I'm thinking of sending him off to Amy Karol as a Thank You for the book I received.
    @Wyldhare I sent the Newsletter this morning, apparently Gmail wasn't cross with me anymore! If you haven't received one send me an email! (maybe you didn't sign up? I don't know...)


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