Thursday, October 8

New York in Rotterdam & a skating duo

Today is our 11th wedding anniversary and we had lunch in the hotel were we held our party 11 years ago. Unfortunately the photo I took today doesn't show how remarkable the building really is, but there is a nice picture on the hotel New York website. The hotel is called New York because since the early 20 th century the headquarters of the Holland-America Line were stationed in this building and there was a direct shipping service to, primarly, New York. Many Europeans left from that spot in Rotterdam to seek their fortune in the States. My grandfather worked on the ships of  Holland America Line so this location is extra special to me!


Today I finally was able to put the Skating Girl and Hedgie pattern in the shop. I named it 'Follow me' (thank you Amy for suggesting the title <3). The girl and Hedgie can be stitched as a duo or separately with or without snow or stars and a moon, it's all up to you!

Tomorrow I will try and get the freebie for newsletter subscribers ready so if you are a Bunny Follower you can expect a visit from a Sweet World Travelling Bear soon!


  1. happy anniversary! hope it's a special one!

    yay for your new pattern, i will be visiting your shop soon, as i really need to start up on my holiday gifts!

  2. Happy Anniversary! I think a lot of those Dutch came here to Western Michigan.

    Okay, I hope I'm signed up for your newsletter. Am I?

  3. Beth, I was already thinking winter/christmas embroidery in the middle of summer!
    Tracy, I'm not completely sure but I don't think I've got your name on the list. (the list has become quite a bit longer with the promise of a freebie) Send Mr. Squirrel an email at and we will sort it out! :)

  4. Happy Anniversary Nicole and Erik!
    Our 8th anniversary is coming up next week (13th). :-)

  5. Happy Anniversary! What a neat way to celebrate!

    Love your new pattern, reminds me that Christmas (and winter) are coming too.

  6. Happy anniversary!!

  7. What an adorable pattern; I love the way you stitched it up.

    Belated anniversary wishes!! I hope it was enjoyable :).

  8. Happy Anniversary wishes to you two!!

    I adore your designs! Fresh and sweet. Tell Mr. Squirrel thanks you for my e-mail today ;)

  9. Becky, Mr. Squirrel gives his regards... :)


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