Wednesday, October 21

Painting with thread

Yesterday I started this Jackalope embroidery. The Jackalope is a new magical character in the Forest. I drew the Jackalope (which is still missing it's antlers) directly on the fabric with my new fine-liner water soluble marker. And now I'm 'free-style' filling him with several shades of blue, grey and white (the blue is a variegated floss). I call it 'painting with thread' because it really is similar to painting. I could never make a pattern reconstructing exactly all the stitches I did here and that makes embroidering this all the more fun!


  1. He's lookin awesome, already !
    Best from Paris,
    x x x

  2. So very cute! I love jackalopes...
    My husband took a trip to South Dakota and brought our oldest (Jack) a little plush one back. I'm looking forward to seeing how yours turns out!

  3. He looks great already! A couple years ago we took a trip across the western US, and my daughter came home with several Jackalope souvenirs, she'd love this!

  4. I can just imagine the finished results and I know it is giong to be just lovely :)

  5. Cool beans! You are so amazingly talented.

  6. I want to learn painting with thread. I love your patterns, they're all adorable.


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