Friday, October 23


We have an amazing Zoo within a 8 minute walk from our house. Since it's so close we've got a family subscription so we can visit as often as we like (which is quite often) and for as long as we like. Everytime we discover new animals we had not seen before. Like the Manul, which my daughter thought looked like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

And we spotted this lonely looking Polar Bear in the Antartic section.  A few Arctic foxes and Snow Owls can be found there too. Because I had managed to get lost a couple of times during this particular visit and we were very tired, we took the Bicycle Cab home. A very environment- friendly way of transport. :)

Thanks for all your lovely comments about my Jackalope! I will share a picture of it's progress  tomorrow!

Photo taken near my house, from the backseat of the Bicycle Cab.


  1. A zoo within 8 minutes and a bicycle cab? How different from where I live! I'd be at the zoo a lot too, it's at least a 2 hour drive for us :(

  2. The closest zoo for us is about a 7 hour drive!!
    I've never heard of the Manul either, and Zoe is right, he is a lot like the Cheshire cat!
    Poor Polar bear. :-( There was something on the news yesterday about a lonely polar bear in a zoo somewhere in the UK (Edinburgh perhaps?) - they moved him up to the Scottish Highlands and he's happy as can be now. :-D

  3. I just came across your site from your interview with Feeling Stitchy. I was reading this post about the zoo and it reminded me that someone recently suggested we get a family pass at the zoo near us...then I saw your picture at the bottom and realized it's probably the same zoo!! Is it the blijdorp zoo? Small world :-) (We live in Delft.)

  4. It is Blijdorp Zoo :) and I can recommend getting a family pass (well actually you get individual cards for each family member)! There is so much to see there, you will not regret it...


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