Tuesday, November 3

Flossy facts: knotless teatowels (& a bit of this and that)

Until today I had never taken the time to learn how to make 'knotless' starts on my embroidery. For embroidery work where the back is not going to be visible I can't be bothered to be honest. But since I will be embroidering two teatowels pretty soon, this step for step photo tutorial by ATX512 on Flickr came just in time for me!

If you have any flossy facts you want to share, let me know (preferably with nice pictures/links) and I will share it on this blog. Embroidery flossy facts that is, not dental flossy facts. I'm sure there are other sites for that!

Many thanks to everyone who commented and mailed about the Feeling Stitchy interview, I appreciate all your kind words very much!

(and That)
As I have a nice round number coming up in terms of Etsy sales I will host a small giveaway on this blog soon  :)


  1. Thanks for that link, Nicole. I've never used that method, and it definitely helps to have a step by step photo tutorial to refer to!

  2. I have always done knotless 'cause my mama taught me to do it that way! I didn't even think knots were an option, LOL.

    I don't do it the way she describes in the tutorial (I "catch the tail" as I tell my boys) but I might try it out - never know when you might find a new and better way to do things!


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