Thursday, November 5

Girls in Trees

I did not feel like doing  any embroidery or sewing today so I got out my tiny water colour tin and pencils and made this water colour painting/drawing. As most of these end up in the back of my cupboard (strangely enough I hardly put anything I draw or paint on display in my own home) I thought I'd put it in my shop and hopefully it will end up in a loving home!


  1. Beautiful !
    I just started stitching this little girl !

  2. Love this♥
    I just read your interview,huge congrats to you!!!
    You are well on your way of becoming an embroidery celeb!!
    xoxo Dees

  3. wow, your talents know no bounds. i love this

  4. Thanks ladies, I appreciate your sweet comments <3

  5. Perfect- I often took a book to the park when I was young, but did not make it up into a tree to read :)


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