Sunday, November 8

Sunday stash #22 Dots (and a bit about my Saturday too)

It was in inevitable that the flu would stop by our house too. Unfortunately it meant that the belated birthday party we had planned for Zoe had to be canceled as she was the one that fell ill yesterday.  On top of that it rained the whole day Saturday and just as it was getting dark we had a power failure. : /  It only lasted a couple of hours so it wasn't too bad, but still...

This morning me and Luna went for a walk (me)/ride (Luna) around the block because today is a beautiful and non-rainy Autumn day. If it was up to Luna she would take all the leafs home, but she settled for this collection of huge leafs.

Now moving on to the Sunday Stash. I'm showing you a collection of some of my dotty fabric this week. Every self-respecting stash should have some dots in it! The crinkly one beneath the properly ironed ones is not mine. I'm making 30 (!) coasters for flower pots for my daughters Montessori School with this fabric.

Last but not least I would like to share with you that from now on you can easily access (and bookmark) my blog with this address: and my Etsy shop with this address: I'm dreaming of opening my own little shop on the latter address but I will let you all know when (and if) it happens of course!


  1. I hope that your little one recuperates from the flu soon ! My little one had it a few weeks ago and it was heartbreaking to see her so sick.
    Very nice leaf choices !!!
    Your dotty stash is really pretty !!!
    (Just updated on my blog list your new blog link)

  2. I hope the little one gets better soon. I think flu has hit all of us now, hasn't it? There can't be many homes that haven't had at least one poorly member.

    You cannot have too many dots, dots are the best!

  3. Thanks ladies. The 'little one' (9 and almost as 'tall' as I am -only 20 cm's to go)is feeling a bit better now but is definitely not ready to go to school yet tomorrow.

  4. Poor Zoe. :-( Hope she is feeling better soon. I can imagine how Imogen would react if we had to cancel her party!! Eek!

    Love the leaf collection!

  5. i hope that old flu train pulls out of the station on a one way journey. love the dots and the leaf collection too.

  6. There were lots of tears because of the canceled party, I felt so bad about it but we had no choice! I certainly hope the flu train gets out of here with minimum damage!

  7. Yukky flu. Your dots are so pretty, I'm jealous ;) I really love the yellow & white even though I'm not normally big on yellow.

  8. Sorry to hear about sickness coming at such a time! Tell Zoe that your internet friends wish her "Happy Birthday" anyhow- maybe she will find it interesting that ladies across the ocean are thinking of her!
    Dots are always a charming compliment to other prints- I wish I had more of them!


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