Saturday, November 28

Giveaway winner!

So under the close eye of Frankenhedgie (my wobbly tryout felt Hedgie) and terrible light (sorry it's evening over here) I just picked the winner of last weeks giveaway from the Stroop Waffle Jar! As you maybe can tell from the little note (but probably not) it's Gin. But I think Gin is actually called Patricia, so congratulations Patricia! I will send the package off to Canada soon. :)

Thanks for all your comments, kind words and suggestions for the shop.There were things I had already thought about myself (fabric for example) but the idea of making embroidery kits was new to me. I'm already dreaming about cute Follow the White Bunny Bags with colourful hoops and floss giving it some serious thought. Really! :)

Don't forget that my Mini-Sale is still going on, one day left for 20 percent refunds on all patterns (except pattern package deals) in the shop!


  1. Oh my, oh my!!!!!!!! Thank you sooo much!!! I'm so excited! The fabric's are so lovely and so is the pattern! And the waffles... I haven't had dutch waffles for years! WHOOPI! Thank you so much, Nicole!!! I'll send my address right away!

  2. Congratulations Patricia! :-D


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