Friday, November 27

Lovely bag + Mini-Sale

This afternoon I picked up this gorgeous shopping bag designed by Dutch designer Tord Boorntje. I love his designs! All proceeds of this Artbag are going to the organization Stop Aids Now! so I had absolutely no reason to not buy this bag. :)

Moving on to the Mini-Sale! As you might like to use one (or two or more)  of my patterns to make holiday gifts I have Mini-Sale. From now until this Sunday (including the Sunday that is) I will give you a 20 percent refund via Paypal on all patterns except the Pattern Package Deals. Just mention BunnySale in comments to seller. From the 1st of December or thereabouts the price of some of my patterns will be slightly (not dramatically) raised to cover the Etsy and Paypal expenses. All the more reason to head over to the Follow the White Bunny Shop now!


  1. It *is* a lovely bag! I didn't realise that he was Dutch - I have been looking at light fittings designed by him for Bridget's room in our new house. Funnily enough, the one I bought for Imogen's new room is Dutch too! This one -

  2. Love this bag and your blog! Just found it! I am also going to be following you! :) Where did you get the bag btw? :)


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