Monday, December 14

Random stuff (with lots of links)

  • I'm very excited that my pattern/shop will be featured in the Dutch Magazine Flow next month (for my Dutch readers: it's on sale from the 13 th of january) It's only a tiny corner in the shopping guide section but I hope some good will come from it.
  • I'm attempting (and failing somewhat) to take some time 'off' pattern making but the shop is still open, so please stop by soon! Untill Christmas Eve I'm adding the cute bear + girl Christmas pattern  with each order in my Etsy shop. New stuff will be introduced in the shop early next year. Hope you will all like it. :)
  • If you are in need of cute gift labels, hop over  to Helen Dardik's colourful blog Orangeyoulucky for these lovelies.
  • Finally, I did some work on my own Princess and the Pea Embroidery. Check out the stitches I added here. I particularly like the basket weave stitch. 


  1. I love that pillow! I also *need* some of those fabrics...

  2. Sew awesome! :D

    How do you find people to test stitch some patterns? I have a line coming up in the new year [which is in a style I'm gonna stick with] and need test/sample stitchers. I can't stitch them all myself. It'll take too long to release the patterns. Do you use test stitchers?

  3. @brooklynchaos going to send you an email about testing patterns! :)


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