Thursday, December 17

Winter-y scene from a balcony, a Capelet and a Needlebook

Because the weather over here is like this....I'm extra extra happy that Ballee (Puk) finished knitting my beautiful new capelet last week!

Check out her Etsy shop for gorgeous yarn and hand knitted items. Puk also has another Etsy shop with lots of yummy buttons. Puk and I 'met' on Etsy and Twitter and we found out we live within a few miles of each other. So when I saw a wonderful knitting pattern by Stitch Poet for a capelet Puk offered to knit it for me!
The capelet deserves a better picture than this but this was the best I could do at this moment! (Note to self: must remove cleaning items like Swiffers when taking pictures for blog) :D

Anyway, just one last picture to share. I made a little felt Needlebook for my swap with Georgia. I did almost all the embroidery free hand (with out a pattern) and it still looked o.k. when it was finished. :)


  1. Oh, the caplet is gorgeous! Looks very snuggly. I also love the needlebook, and am totally impressed that you did it freehand.

  2. The caplet is very pretty. I like how you are wearing it :)

  3. The snow looks so beautiful on the branches - awwwww!
    And don't you look cute in your capelet too! :-)

  4. Thanks ladies! The capelet is knitted with Alpaca wool btw. So soft and warm.

  5. I love your felt Needlebook!!!! The stitching looks really good!!!!

  6. The capelet is fantastic! And I love the embroidered book!


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