Tuesday, December 8

Sewing machine in the willows

In the Netherlands we say when we are ready to definitely give up on something (skating for example) "I'm going to hang my skates in the willows". Well this week I was ready to hang my sewing machine in the willows! I messed up both the cute Saffron Craig Owl  (which is like the easiest project in the world!) and my Kitsch Floor Pillow! The Pillow has a gap in one of the seams that can not be easily mended, I need to add a patch or something to cover the hole.
I also messed up sewing the Cute Owls feet and put some green flashy long legs in as replacement... Luna loves this owl and she is fiddling with the long legs all the time so maybe it wasn't so bad I made a mistake after all....

I'm also struggling big time with the 30 flower pot coasters I have to make for Luna's school. I cut squares and I thought it should be possible to just fold over all 4 sides half an inch or so to the back (iron) and finish the coaster all around with a decorative stitch (like a zigzag). The stitch looks o.k. but it seems to leave holes in the fabric. Any ideas what could cause those holes? The fabric isn't of the best quality either but  the teacher chose and bought it so I'm kind of stuck with it. :/

Moving on to some nice stitchy news. Feeling Stitchy has a fab give away going on now. You can win Jenny Hart's  awesome book Embroidered Effects!

p.s. sorry about the dreary dark photos I've been posting lately. Too much rain and too little daylight over here I'm afraid...


  1. Misschien een dunnere naald in je machine? Om de gaatjes tegen te gaan?

    En over je capelet: nog 1500 steken te gaan, zeker vrijdag, misschien donderdag klaar!

  2. Ik heb gewoon een standaard naald erin (70/10 ofzo? dus dat zou moeten voldoen. Ben zoooo benieuwd naar de capelet!

  3. When did you change your needle last?? If the needle is a 70 then that would be ok.

  4. I change my needle all the time (from normal to jeans to quilt and back etc etc) but I don't replace them often (not often enough I suspect)but I will try the same stitch again on two different fabrics with a new needle. :) Once I'm done with my quilt that is...

  5. Well, Amy Carol suggest in her book to replace needles after each big project. I don't do that but I try to remember to use a new needle after two-three projects.
    Hope you found the bug ...

  6. I was also going to suggest using a finer needle, as I find that nice for avoiding holes, and I use a fine one, with fine thread, for machine blind-hemming also.


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