Sunday, December 6

Chinese Birdie Blossom Embroidery finished and what we did last night...

 Finished my Chinese Birdie Blossom Embroidery this morning and I think it turned out rather cute. I'm thinking about adding Lettering/an Alphabet to the pattern too. These would be proper letters (still drawn by hand though) not the wobbly half freehand style you see in the picture. ;)

So...yesterday evening we had 'pakjesavond'. On the evening of the 5th december Sinterklaas gives all the Dutch children presents. Well the story goes only the sweet children get presents... Anyway, just after dinner we sang a couple of Sinterklaas songs quite loudly when suddenly the doorbell rang. The kids ran downstairs (our livingroom is on the first floor) but Sinterklaas and his helpers were long gone by the time the childeren reached the door. Of course Sinterklaas hasn't got time to literally hand over the presents to each child so all we found on our doorstep was a sack full of presents ;) Can you tell from the picture how excited Luna was when she found all the presents? Still peering outside if she could see Sinterklaas but in the meantime not letting go of the biggest box of the lot!


  1. I love alphabet collections and Luna's name is really terrific! So I vote "yes, please"!

  2. Oh, I was thinking about you on your Sinter Klaas night! Luna does look very impressed with that big package! What fun! :-)

  3. I love your work and your designs. They are really beautiful. I enjoy your blog too !

  4. Hi there,
    Just stumbled across your blog. It's beautiful --- as is your lovely embroidery. I'm going to purchase one of your patterns on Etsy and hope it turns out as wonderful as yours ;-).
    Merry Christmas!


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