Friday, January 29

Not so unproductive after all... (or what I did last week)

My youngest daughter was home from school most of last week, filling the house with frightening cough noises and a lot of demands. Not a lot of time to do anything productive in terms of sewing and embroidery or embroidery pattern making for that matter. 

But.... in the beginning of the week I managed to do a little new Pindsvin drawing (upper left corner), I think it would make a cute postcard. Last sunday I presented my Valentine free-bee to the world and I was happy to see it already embroidered a couple of days later in the most adorable way. :) Oh and there was my Jackalope pattern on the Etsy front page which resulted in ehm...not much..but I was flattered nonetheless. 

Not pictured but nearly finished is my update for the Princess and the Pea pattern. I noticed that many people where looking for a kind of 'Stitch and Colour guide' to this pattern. Georgia, who stitched the original pattern for me, helped me out with the details on that one. Thank you so much, Georgia! And now I sit here on Friday evening with my Hoop up! swap embroidery project for John (a.ka. Quiltdad). Progress is slow because I'm fill stitching the fox with 7 different colours, making things up as I go along. 

Don't forget to check out my new blog  Wombats and Windmills. Georgia and I will start posting photos this monday! More bloggy news will follow next week :)

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  1. Oh! Look at Pindsvin! He's all fancied up - looks fabulous!
    And, you're welcome.
    And, thanks - I'll keep my eye out for that new blog. ;-P


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