Sunday, January 31

Messy backside

Let me start by saying that I can do a pretty neat job on most of the basic embroidery stitches, but when it comes to fill stitching furs I go a bit crazy. On the left you see my not quite finished fox on the front and the right side of the picture shows what the back looks like. I go from here to there with my needle, making back stitches, skip pieces to fill in later  and adding different shades to give it that furry, lively look.

When I was fill stitching my furry friend the Jackalope a while ago, I wrote that it felt as if I was 'painting with thread'. Little did I know that Thread painting was an actual existing form of embroidery. Apparently you can do so by hand or machine. Thread painting by hand involves using the long-short stitch, which is excellent for shading of course, to give the embroidery a life like appearance. To be honest most of the examples of Thread painting, especially the animals, that I saw online were not really my cup of tea and I'm not sure extreme attention to detail automatically leads to a more realistic or 'lively' result either. Go google it and judge for yourself...


  1. I agree that such stitching feels like painting with thread. (It is a good feeling!) I am doing a bit of that on "Vogel", though he is not as solidly filled as he would be with true long 'n short. I will go check what you suggest!

  2. I love your little fox (we had a real one in our yard two nights ago), even if his backside is messy. I try not to stress over the back of projects, even though I know some people wil judge a piece by that. To me, it's the front that counts. :)

  3. Hi,

    I found you via Feeling stitchy. I also live in the Netherlands and am new to embroidery. I was wondering if you shopped online or in stores for your supplies? Sometimes shipping can be so expensive and I'd like to find somewhere where I could look at the products.

    I am in Rotterdam once a week and maybe there's something there?


  4. @lovetosew Looking forward to your 'vogel'!
    @Barncat I do like neat backs too, but with this kind of stitching it is inevitable it ends up messy looking :)
    @Lucy. Usually I buy my supplies online! I do know a shop in Rotterdam with quite a good choice of floss though. Mail me (the email address is somewhere on the left of my page) and I can fill you in on the details :)


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