Monday, February 15

Dandelion fluff and Golden Apples

So...I'm nearly finished with this new pattern. I loved embroidering the Dandelion Fluff using two different flosses:  Dmc variegated and Dmc Color Variations. Dandelion Fluff and Apple picking reflects a feeling of late summer to me and I hope it does to most of you too! This is a very special Apple tree though because it has a golden apple. In Greek mythology  the golden apple often is a symbol for discord but in Norse mythology it was said to give to gods eternal life. Whatever it means, bunny doesn't seam too sure if she should pick it!

During the kids' Winterbreak, the Follow the White Bunny Etsy shop will be closed (that is Saturday the 20th until the following Saturday) and I will also be taking a blog-break then!


  1. Nicole! You do such a fantastic job with your patterns...but you already know that it's how I feel about your work. ;)
    This one is amazing to....I love the little world you have created for your embroidery animals.

    Have a lovely Monday. :))

  2. Another charming pattern -- love it!

  3. Lovely pattern, and stitched up so nicely, Nicole :). This series of embroidery designs would make lovely illustrations for childrens' books.

  4. darling new pattern, i may just have to open up a paypal account again ;)

    p.s. in your giveaway post, LOVE that cozy for the tea mug. why can't i think of clever things like that?!

  5. One of your best!!! It really does have that late summery feeling.
    THANKYOU again for the pattern, I've just printed it out, ready to trace. :-)


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